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Fine Asian Art Appraiser, Sarah Zhu

Welcome to Sarah Zhu’s homepage. Sarah Zhu is an Asian art specialist with over twenty years experience in Jade, Bronze, Porcelain Painting & Calligraphy, etc…


Sarah Zhu was educated in China, The United States and England. She has worked alongside many leaders in her field. Mr. Shi Gufeng, a famous connoisseur at the An Hui Museum in 1989. Mr. Shan Guoqiang at the Palace Museum in Beijing where she enhanced her historical knowledge of Chinese painting.

Sarah has successfully organized many art exhibitions in China, Japan, and Europe. She has worked in Auction Houses in China and America. She built the Asian Art Department at Michaans Auction in 2006. Sarah has recently been consulting to multiple auction houses advising them on how best to promote their businesses.

Sarah Zhu, an American citizen, was born in China. She has enjoyed art in many forms; particularly painting, calligraphy, poetry and ballet, since she was a little girl. She is fluent in many languages including: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese.

Sarah Zhu’s clients include museums, galleries, and private collectors. She is available to assist with identification, translation and appraisal for all Asian antique-art services.

Ms. Zhu recently offers art appraisal services fundamental for Estate planning, Fiduciary, trustee, and Art insurance, Private collection for the investment, plus arrangement of art museum donations for non-profit education (charitable tax deduction status). Ms. Zhu has guided many clients through management of rare antique art private collections for exhibition, and recommendation for special auction.



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