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Rare and Fine Decorated Biscuit Enamel and Incised Dish

Fine Chinese Blue and White Porcelain 揧uhuchunping

{Diameter 9 7/8 inches}

{Height 11 3/8 inches}


A Fine and Rare Pair of Chinese Famille Rose Taoist Figures, Qing Dynasty

Rare Chinese Famille -Rose Porcelain Peach Bowl, Yong Zheng Nian Zhi

{Height 11 1/4 inches}

{Diameter 6 inches}



A Rare Chinese Under Glaze-Blue and Iron-Red Porcelain Jar, Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

Rare Small Chinese Red Glazed Porcelain Bowl, Qing Dynasty

{Height 12 3/8 inches}

{Diameter 4 1/2 inches}


Japanese Blue Glazed Globular Vase, Meiji Period

Chinese Inside Painted Glass Snuff Bottle

{Height 12 inches}

{Height 2 3/4 inches}



Japanese Okimono of Kannon, Meiji period

Japanese Ivory Figure of Seated Guan Yin, 19th Century

{Height of figure: 14 inches, Height of vase: 5 inches, Length of stand: 22 inches}

{Height 13 inches}



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