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    A beautiful painting, a piece of fine China, or a sparkling gem: whatever purpose they may serve, they are all artistic works. Art always has something to offer -- pleasure, function, or a message. It can inspire people to create, to think, and to develop. People go to museums not just to appreciate art, but also to learn history. With the knowledge people gain from discovering art, they can provide a better future for humankind. Some arts have artistically abstract values, humanistic values and monetary value; however, all contain some elements that people appreciate.

              By Sarah Zhu


Zhang Daqian (1899 -1983) Flowing Clouds in the Lives

Wu GuanZhong (Born: 1919) Spring Snow

{Full screen 67 x 35 1/2 inches; image 50 x 26 1/2 inches}

{Full screen 63 x 36 inches; image 27 x 54 inches}


Kuan ShanYue (1912- 2000) Spring Landscape

{Full screen: 160 x 13.5 inches. Image: 102 x 12 inches}


Wu GuanZhong (Born:1919) Lotus

Zhao MengFu (1254 -1322) Travelers into the Gate

{Full screen: 32 X 30.5 inches, Image: 20.1 x 20.6 inches}

{Full screen 15 1/4 x14 1/2 inches; image 13 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches}


Attributed to Qiu Ying (? - 1552) Four Seasonal Immortals View

{Each image: 42 5/8 x 11 1/8 inches}


Qi BaiShi (1864 - 1957) Roosters

Qiao WenAn (Born 1944) Beautiful Melody

{Full Scroll: 74 x 23 inches, Image: 45 x 17.6 inches}

{Full Screen: 38.5 x30.5 inches, Image: 31 x 23.5 inches}


Zhao Dong (Qing Dynasty), Gods of Trinity Surrounded by Children:


Anonymous (Early 19th Century), Chinese woodblock print of the agricultural Instruction:


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